Georgia Jury Awards Home Depot Forklift Accident Victim $1.5M In Damages

A Georgia jury awarded a Cobb County construction worker and his wife approximately $1.5 million in damages stemming from a forklift accident inside the Marietta Home Depot store in which the man suffered severe neck and spinal injuries. Similar personal injury verdicts against the company have occurred in Delaware, North Carolina and Florida.

GA personal injury

This Georgia personal injury lawsuit involves 58 year old Larry Reece. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Reece, a life long construction worker, was inside of Home Depot's Marietta Georgia store in November 2005 when a pallet of plywood fell 24 feet from a forklift and hit Reece. He was trapped under the wood and suffered severe neck and spinal injuries requiring spinal and other surgeries to repair several herniated disks. He sued Home Depot and was awarded $1.5 million – which included an award of $30,000 to his wife for loss of consortium. If you think this story sounds familiar, you're right.

Other Home Depot lawsuits compensate injured victims

There have been similar lawsuits filed against Home Depot that have resulted in substantial plaintiff verdicts. Here are the details of three:

  • Delaware – $2.9 million verdict. A 32 year old self employed contractor was severely injured when a pallet of wooden doors crashed on top of him at a Home Depot store in Delaware. Although he required two back surgeries, neither corrected his injuries and he can no longer work. A jury awarded him $2.9 million in damages – which was nearly three times the amount that he had requested.
  • North Carolina – $500,000 verdict. An eight year old boy suffered severe and permanent brain damage when a steel door display fell on top of him at a Home Depot store in North Carolina. Although a jury awarded him $500,000, many thought that the award should have been much higher.
  • Florida – $400,000 verdict. A Florida man was injured at a Home Depot store in Florida after a box fell approximately 12 feet from the top shelf of merchandise and hit him directly on the head. He required disk surgery and a jury awarded him $400,000.

If you've been injured, contact an experienced injury attorney to dicuss your situation and evaluate your options. You may be entitled to money compensation.