Burger King Playground Injury Results In $20M Settlement

An 8 year-old California boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell off of playground equipment at a Burger King restaurant in Temecula and his family have agreed to settle their case against the restaurant and playground manufacturers for $20 million.

California personal injury

This California personal injury case arose out of alleged unsafe playground equipment at a Burger King restaurant in Temecula. According to news reports, Kevin, Julie and their 8 year old son, Jacob, visited that Burger King in 2005. While there, Jacob went on the playground contained within the restaurant. While on the equipment, he fell from the cross bars and fell onto a hard, tile floor and sustained a traumatic brain injury that will permanently affect the left side of his body as well as his reasoning abilities, speech skills and other motor functions. The family sued Burger King, as well as the companies who made and distributed the playground equipment alleging that it was unsafe and the parties recently reached a $20 million settlement that will be used to care for Jacob for the rest of his life.

A lawyer's experience

Their California personal injury lawyerundoubtedly had experience as he or she was able to show that there had been a similar accident at the same Burger King only three years before and that Burger King hadn't done anything to address those safety concerns. Even though the parties decided to settle the matter, getting the issue of playground safety into the publics' awareness was a major concern for Jacob's parents so that this type of injury doesn't happen to anyone else in the future.

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