Common Defenses to Amusement Park Lawsuits

People "assume the risk" in situations where the act or event may be inherently dangerous, but they do the act or attend the event anyway. For example, a zoo contains wild animals that may be dangerous. Simply visiting the zoo is not inherently dangerous as the animals are purposefully kept separate from visitors. However, if someone opens up the tiger cage and is injured, that person "assumed the risk" of injury and the zoo would not likely be liable. Attending a baseball game is another example. The public is presumed to know that foul balls are often hit into the stands and can be dangerous; therefore, the public generally "assumes the risk" of injury. On the other hand, if the pitcher gets angry at the third baseman, throws the ball intending to hit him and hits someone in the stands instead, the injured person would not have assumed the risk of being injured by an angry pitcher. In that situation, the injured person may have a claim for actual and punitive damages.

If you have suffered an injury, contact an accident or personal injury lawyer right away for an assessment of your rights. Many accidents result from someone's carelessness, hazardous conditions, defective products or placing you in dangerous circumstances. Accidents often cause injury to people, damage to property and business interests and create expenses that innocent parties have to pay.

An accident lawyer can protect your interests when the person responsible for the accident refuses to take full and prompt responsibility and compensate you for your injuries or damage to your property.

A lawyer’s involvement forces the person or firm responsible for the accident to take corrective action so someone else will not be similarly injured in the future. For example, if a school bus company allows its drivers to speed or does not comply with safety standards, a lawyer's involvement may force the bus company to institute safer practices and reduce the risk of others being injured in the future.