Hiring a Zoloft Attorney and Lawyer

If you or your child has suffered injuries after taking Zoloft, you may be able to recover damages. In doing so, keep in mind that you will be going up against a very wealthy and powerful pharmaceutical company and that you will need to have the very best and most experienced legal representation you can find. An experienced Zoloft attorney will have information about SSRIs, their side effects, and the way antidepressants are being prescribed by physicians, as well as knowing how to handle the procedural aspects of your case.

Any legal claim you make must be filed within the time your state sets for bringing such cases (Zoloft statute of limitations). You should contact a qualified Zoloft lawyer as soon as possible after you know you have been injured to make sure your claim can be filed on time. Your Zoloft attorney will also know the best place to bring a lawsuit and who should be named as defendants in the case. For example, you might sue a drug manufacturer, a physician, a clinic, a drug distributor, or a testing laboratory. A qualified Zoloft attorney will be able to evaluate your case and identify the correct defendants.

Even if you’re able to settle your case without going to court, you’ll still benefit from the negotiation skills of an experienced attorney.

Litigation involving pharmaceutical companies is difficult and very specialized, so you may not be able to find an attorney through your usual personal and business contacts. If you need help finding a specialist in this kind of litigation, a good place to start is Attorneypages.com, where you’ll find listings for drug liability specialists in your area, or post your case to our Zoloft Case Evaluation Form. After posting your case, an experienced lawyer will contact you for a free case evaluation.

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