Use of Statins, Like Lipitor, Places Women at Increased Risk for Diabetes

Lipitor increases risk of diabetes for Women

Women who use the statin Lipitor are at increased risk for diabetes, according to several medical studies conducted in the United States (U.S) and Japan.

What is Lipitor and why is it prescribed?

Lipitor is a statin drug prescribed to reduce cholesterol. Manufactured by Pfizer, it is one of the most popular drugs on the market since it’s release in 1997. Yet over the years since its release it has been proven that women who use Lipitor are at an increased risk of diabetes. However, Pfizer did not warn doctors of this increased risk. This prevented doctors from accurately assessing whether to prescribe the drug to their patients, which put the patient’s health at further risk. The adverse side effects of Lipitor are more significant for women than men.

Adverse impact on Women’s Health

Lipitor is very effective at reducing cholesterol, but that can be outweighed by its adverse side effects. Women are at significant risk of further health problems if prescribed Lipitor. Most notable for women is the increased risk of diabetes, which leads to further health problems. Medical evidence shows that women who develop diabetes have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease and blindness. As a result, there is a 37% increase in mortality in women who take Lipitor.

Medical Studies

Several medical studies performed in Japan and the United States (U.S) show an adverse impact on women’s health if prescribed the drug. In Japan, almost immediately after the drug was introduced, two independent medical research groups reported patients with new onset diabetes and those who were already diabetic saw their condition worsen. A study in the U.S found that overweight women who use Lipitor double their risk of diabetes. The study concluded this to be a significant risk, and supports the argument that use of the drug is a contributing factor of diabetes in women.

Consult with an Attorney

If you have used Lipitor and as a result became a diabetic, you should consult with an experienced injury and product attorney immediately. You can discuss possible litigation against the manufacturer Pfizer for the adverse impact that Lipitor has had on your health.