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Anti-Inflammatory Drug Sulindac Casused SJS and Blinds NH Woman; Jury Awards Her $21M

A federal jury awarded a New Hampshire woman $21 million when she lost her sight and developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after taking Mutual Pharmaceutical's anti-inflammatory drug, Sulindac. It is the largest product liability verdict in New Hampshire's history.

Sulindac Use Led To Blindness, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome & “Burned Woman Alive”

Karen Bartlett, a 51 year old New Hampshire woman, was awarded a record $21 million after taking the anti-inflammatory drug, Sulindac (also known as Clinoril), to treat her shoulder pain. However, after taking the drug for only two weeks, she began to develop Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) – a potentially fatal skin disease which inflames the mucus membranes and eyes and is marked by a rash that burns off the outer layer of skin.

Bartlett spent over 100 days in five different hospitals, underwent 12 separate eye surgeries and ended up legally blind. According to her Stevens-Johnson Syndrome attorney the disease seared her throat, stomach and lungs and “literally burned her alive.”

She filed a product liability lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company alleging that it was responsible for her injuries because it should have known that the drug was unreasonably dangerous and failed to warn her. A jury agreed and awarded her $21 million for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

Although Bartlett is pleased with verdict, she said that part of the reason she filed this product liability lawsuit against Mutual Pharmaceuticals was to educate others about the dangers of prescription drugs – especially those which can cause SJS.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Side Effects

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome has been linked to antibiotics (penicillin), anti-convulsants, anti-inflammatory drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers such as Motrin, Ibuprofin, Children's Motrin and Advil and prescription pain relievers such as Bextra, Celebrex and Daypro. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome side effects can be severe and painful.

Hiring A Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Lawyer

If you or your child has contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after taking a dangerous or defective drug, contact a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome lawyer to to discuss your situation and determine if filing an SJS lawsuit might be in your best interests.

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