Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit: What Can You Recover?

Thousands of ordinary people suffer from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) every year, and many are not even aware that they have it. It is fundamentally difficult to know how many people are affected by SJS simply because the condition itself is defined by an acute reaction to a drug that is not really understood by most people.

While there are thousands of people diagnosed with SJS each year, there are many more who go undiagnosed, and even die, from this condition. Part of the difficulty in quantifying SJS cases is a direct result of concealment on the part of drug manufacturers whose drugs trigger the reaction in people who are genetically predisposed to developing SJS when taking these drugs. While drug companies know that there is a connection between their drug and SJS, they do not place adequate warnings on their labels, leaving them open to liability.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Damages

What type of damages might a victim of Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) recover? Recoverable damages can be non-economic, which would be for pain and suffering or wrongful death if they died, or economic, which would be for lost income. In addition, some states allow for a loss of consortium claims (the loss of love, affection and care) from a surviving spouse and/or other family members.

How is SJS Proven?

In order to receive any type of damages, SJS injuries must be proven, and that is generally done by history. Skin and punch biopsies can be conducted onsite, giving a telltale sign of drug-induced SJS. If the person has already passed away, their medical records or medical charts may show a diagnosis, or the discharge summary may show that the victim suffered from SJS. The drug or drugs that were taken prior to the SJS will also be an important piece of information, and the possibility that the drug or drugs likely caused the SJS.

If you have developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, contact an experienced Stevens-Johnson syndrome attorney to discuss your situation, evaluate the legal options available to you and determine the types of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome damages for which you may be entitled.