Rogaine for Hair Regrowth

What is Rogaine?

Rogaine is a popular hair loss treatment. It is a topical treatment used by both men and women. Made with the active ingredient Minoxidil, Rogaine encourages hair on the scalp to regrow where it has stopped growing. A patient suffering from hereditary hair loss, in that members of their family have also experienced hair loss, are often recommended this product. The Federal Drug Association (FDA) approved Rogaine for use in 1988, however the full ranges of its side effects are still being discovered.

What Is It Prescribed For?

Rogaine is not a prescription medication and it is available to buy over the counter or online. It is used for hair loss caused by hereditary/genetic reasons, hormones or old age.

What Are the Side Effects?

Rogaine can cause side effects in some users. Side effects can include the following:

  • A dry, itchy scalp
  • Changes in hair colour/texture
  • Unwanted facial hair (in infrequent cases)

Pregnant women are advised not to use Rogaine. Only a few studies have been conducted and provide no conclusive results on the extent of the effects Rogaine can have during pregnancy. Rogaine side effects should be discussed in detail with a doctor, to ensure the health of the unborn child is not put at risk.

Consult With An Experienced Injury and Product Liability Attorney

With any medication used to treat a condition, if you suffer an adverse reaction then you should speak to someone about it. If you are concerned that you have used Rogaine without adequately knowing the side effects and ultimate consequences, then you should consult with an experienced injury and product liability attorney.