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Hiring a Propecia Injury Lawyer

UPDATED: August 5, 2019

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If you've suffered erectile dysfunction (ED) after taking Merck's male pattern baldness drug, Propecia, find out how a Propecia injury lawyer can help you. Numerous lawsuits have already been filed against the manufacturer for failing to warn U.S. clients about long-term, or possibly permanent, side effects of ED – even though similar warnings were provided to users in other countries.

What to Do if You've Suffered Propecia Injuries

If you're suffering from Propecia side effects such as ED, abnormal ejaculation such as decreased volume, testicular pain, abnormal sexual function, depression, impaired cognitive functioning or high-grade prostate cancer, it's important to do the right thing from both a medical and a legal standpoint.

  • Medical. From a medical standpoint, users who start to experience any of these sexual side effects should talk to their doctor immediately to make sure that the risks and benefits of taking the drug are fully discussed and that it is in their best interests to continue taking the drug.
  • Legal. From a legal standpoint, users should contact an attorney if they've started, or continue, to experience those side effects after they’ve discontinued treatment with the drugs. Right now there is a higher incidence of these types of cases being filed against Merck & Co. – especially in the state of New Jersey where Merck is headquartered.

    Attorneys who handle these cases almost always do a free consultation, which provides the opportunity to discuss the options and the rights of individuals going forward. After that, the attorney can help the individual evaluate whether a lawsuit is truly the best option, such that the time and energy required in litigating the case will be well spent and ultimately may result in a substantial monetary recovery.

    Choosing an experienced attorney is always your best option – especially in cases like these where there's a great deal of medical terminology involved. It's important for an attorney to understand the symptoms that are taking place, how to recognize them and what the actions need to be to file suit and get these Propecia injury claims into court so that they can be resolved.

Taking the Next Step: When to Act & What You'll Need

Taking the next step and contacting an experienced Propecia injury lawyer to discuss whether filing a Propecia lawsuit is right for you shouldn't be difficult – and, in fact, it isn't. However, it is important to understand when you should take that next step and what your lawyer may need.

  • Statutes of limitation. While many Propecia injury lawsuits are being filed in New Jersey, other venues may be available. In New Jersey, you’re allowed three years to file the claim, but there are many lawyers who state that the statute of limitation is not yet running because individuals are not receiving adequate warnings about the sexual side effects being potentially irreversible side effects even after discontinuing treatment with the drug. That being said, it's important to contact a Propecia injury attorney as soon as possible in order to preserve your claim – even if you ultimately decide not to file a lawsuit.
  • Medical records. One of the most frequent questions attorneys get asked is what medical records are needed in an initial consultation. The answer, quite simply, is none. Clients don't need to bring anything with them. Obviously, the attorney would like to know the dates that the individual took the drug, the reason it was prescribed, what diagnosis or treatment they’ve received for the sexual dysfunction since they’ve continued the drug and then any prescription or medical records that they may have would be helpful. However, those can all be obtained relatively easily afterward.

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