Propecia Injury Lawsuit: You May Be Entitled To Compensation

Propecia lawsuits alleging permanent sexual dysfunctions are being filed against Merck. Find out whether you might be entitled to compensation due to inadequate company warnings about known dangers.

Propecia Injury Lawyers Say Merck Failed to Warn

Propecia injury lawyers representing clients who have experienced serious sexual side effects after taking Propecia say that many of the lawsuits currently filed against Merck & Co. allege that the company knew about Propecia side effects, but failed to warn consumers.

There have been changes in the warning sections of these drugs, especially in the last few months, but only with regard to increased risks of depression and prostate cancer. The manufacturer has not updated the warning labels to report that the sexual side effects may continue indefinitely after discontinuing the use of the drug. Propecia injury lawyers say that there's really no explanation for why Merck hasn't updated the label in cooperation with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) because such warnings do exist on these drugs on their labeling in other countries throughout Europe.

Every country has its own regulatory body that is tasked with approving labels and some have more stringent labeling requirements than others. Unfortunately, when it comes to the FDA, there’s no requirement that a company have the same labeling in the U.S. that may be required in other countries. While it would seem that the FDA would require companies to report whatever information they have regarding the issue of continued side effects after discontinuation of the drug, it doesn't – and manufacturers don't want to jeopardize their market share. The sad truth is that it tends to become more about money and less about consumer safety.

Propecia Compensation

Due to the insufficiency of the labeling, the injury most likely to be compensable through Propecia injury lawsuits is permanent or continued sexual dysfunction after discontinuing treatment of the drug. While there are warnings in the labeling regarding sexual side effects that may be temporary while taking the drug, they say these will resolve in time while taking the drug – and certainly will resolve after discontinuing use of the drug. These ongoing side effects, with the company’s knowledge - and failure to maintain current labels - is what has led injured patients to seek the compensation they deserve through litigation.

As you can imagine, evaluating compensation for these types of injuries must be done on a case-by-case basis, is dependent upon the facts and circumstances of the situation, and can be difficult as everyone's situation is different. However, according to Propecia injury lawyers, a permanent sexual dysfunction case will be valued much higher than someone experiencing only temporary sexual side effects. In addition, reasonable loss of consortium claims may also be compensable for spouses depending upon applicable state laws.