Plavix Lawsuits: What You Should Know

Plavix, also known as super aspirin, is manufactured internationally by the Paris-based SanofiSynthelabo and in the US by Bristol-Myers Squibb. This product has been promoted as a product that is safer than aspirin, because it produces fewer ulcers. Recent studies have indicated that this claim isn’t true, and that Plavix increases the risk of death or serious injury from gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

There have been no reports of Plavix lawsuits, probably because the dangers of its side effects are just becoming known. Most states have laws that protect people who have been injured by prescription drugs with serious unknown side effects. The issues in this kind of lawsuit are whether the product was defective and whether the manufacturers and distributors were negligent or misrepresented information about the drug.

If Plavix claims are brought, the Plavix litigation will most likely address the question of whether SanofiSynthelabo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and possibly others were negligent in testing the drug and in placing it on the market before adequate testing was done. Plavix lawsuits may also raise the issue of whether the manufacturers or others misrepresented the safety of Plavix.

If you have been injured by Plavix, you should find an experienced Plavix attorney to review your case and tell you if you have a good Plavix lawsuit. A qualified Plavix lawyer will be able to help you to file your case in the time your state allows and to decided who to name as defendants and where to file your Plavix lawsuit.