GranuFlo Litigation Update

After the June, 2012 recall of GranuFlo dialysis solution, drug manufacturer Fresenius Medical Care faces possible litigation from plaintiffs across the United States. This news post will track the status of that litigation as it progresses. Check this page regularly for updates and information about GranuFlo lawsuits.

  1. GRANUFLO LITIGATION UPDATE: A GranuFlo Lawsuit has officially begun.  A family of an Alabama man has filed a lawsuit against Fresenius Medical Care for the death of their loved one who was administered GranuFlo dialyis solution.  The lawsuit alleges that the man's death was caused by use of GranuFlo during his dialysis treatment, and that the company knew the risks of heart attack and stroke but did not warn the FDA or patients administered the drug.  This lawsuit is the first of many as attorneys continue to gather information and clients for more litigation against Fresenius.
  2. CURRENT STATUS – Attorneys across the country begin working with patients who have suffered injury, or loved ones of patients who had died because of the use of GranuFlo of NaturaLyte in dialysis treatment. There have not been any lawsuits filed at this time, however, attorneys have begun gathering information from potential clients and building a case against Fresenius.
  3. September, 2012 - As lawyers gather clients looking to file a lawsuit against Fresenius Medical for injuries caused by Granuflo and NaturaLyte dialysis medicine, there is a strong possibility that many of these cases could be consolidated into class action lawsuits.  Attorneys for plaintiffs are still gathering information, and will evaluate each case before deciding to join or file a class action.
  4. June, 2012 – The FDA issues a Class 1 recall of GranuFlo. A Class 1 recall is only issued when the agency reasonably believes that the product causes a serious risk of injury or death.
  5. May, 2012– The Food and Drug Administration issues a warning to all physicians who administer GranuFlo to dialysis patients that the drug has higher than usual levels of bicarbonate and can cause an increase risk of cardiac failure and death.
  6. November, 2011 – Fresenius Medical Care issues an internal memo to all doctors working for the company’s dialysis clinics that explains the problems with GranuFlo. Doctors are instructed to adjust their dialysis procedure accordingly. This memo is not sent to physicians administering GranuFlo who do not work in a Fresenius Medical Care facility.