Gardasil: Lawsuits, Litigation & Lawyers

While the total number of reported cases of injury from being vaccinated with Gardasil has been low, several high profile cases, most involving paralysis after taking Gardasil, have increased public awareness of the potential dangers of the Gardasil vaccination, particularly when administered to girls.

Three lawsuits were brought against Merck alleging that girls who received the vaccination suffered eventual paralysis as a result. One of the girls, Jenny Tetlock, received the Gardasil vaccination when she was 13. Within a month she began experiencing severe muscle weakness, and became fully paralyzed after 15 months. Sadly, she has now passed away.

Another girl, Jessica Parsons, 15 years old, has alleged that her lower arms and legs became paralyzed after taking the vaccine, and has been in the hospital intermittently ever since, but she is now learning again to walk. Finally, Brittany LeClaire, 13, has also alleged that she suffered paralysis in her left leg after receiving Gardasil, and that she suffered severe headaches and lethargy immediately after the injection.

As awareness of the potentially severe side effects of receiving Gardasil increases, lawsuits against Merck are likely to increase. An experienced personal injury attorney familiar with Gardasil and its side effects will be able to help you determine the best course of action for your claim, and have specialized knowledge of the state-imposed time limit for filing a claim in your state.

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