Hiring a Gardasil Attorney & Lawyer

As the number of women receiving Gardasil vaccinations rises, it is inevitable that documentation of some of the severe side effects of the vaccine will also increase. If you or a loved has received a Gardasil vaccination and suffered harm as a result, you might be considering legal action against Merck, the drug’s manufacturer. If this is the case, contacting a Gardasil attorney as soon as possible is imperative to ensure that your claim can be filed before the statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations is a time limit for filing a lawsuit, and it differs for every state.

An experienced attorney with knowledge of Gardasil will be able to guide your claim through any procedural hurdles you may face. Even if you are able to settle your case out of court, an experienced attorney will bring the negotiation skills necessary to benefit you.

When speaking to a prospective attorney, you will want to ask about the statute of limitations, contingency fees, who pays for the expenses of the litigation, the strength of your case, would your case be an individual case or part of a class action, and the records that will be needed to support your case. When contemplating whether or not you have a good case, you can also try posting your case for evaluation on a legal website. Each case form is kept confidential and evaluated by an experienced specialist. These evaluations are typically free and you are contacted if the firm evaluating your case wishes to follow up with you and/or wants to take your case.

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