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Osteoporosis Drug Fosamax Linked To Femur Fractures; Did Merck Fail To Warn Of Risks?

Merck & Company's osteoporosis drug Fosamax has been linked to debilitating femur (thigh bone) fractures and femur injuries when taken for more than five years. Although the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) notified Merck about increased reports of fractures, the pharmaceutical giant waited nearly a year and a half to respond – putting Fosamax drug users at increased risk of injury.

Did Merck put profits over safety?

That's what many Fosamax injury attorneys say. Fosamax and its generic alendronate are bisphosphonates and part of a $3.5 billion a year industry, so warning consumers about the additional risks of femur fracture may not have been at the top of Merck's agenda.

In addition to the FDA's investigations of patient complaints, prominent doctors such as Robert Bunning, a rheumatologist at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington DC said that every patient who reported a femur fracture to the FDA had one thing in common – they were all taking Fosamax or another type of bisphosphonate for more than five years.

Unfortunately, the Fosamax femur fracture injury lawsuits that will likely result come on the heels of another serious Fosamax side effect.

Fosamax & ONJ

Fosamax has been linked to osteonecrosis of the jaw, jaw necrosis or jaw death – a very serious condition that can cause the death of parts of the jawbone, which can lead to extreme pain and may require the jaw to be removed.

Fosamax lawsuits

Merck currently faces hundreds of lawsuits over Fosamax injuries and Fosamax lawyers say that many more are likely – especially due to allegations of deceptive marketing practices. Merck has been accused of creating fake medical journals which touted the benefits of Fosamax. It seems to have worked, though. Over 40 million Fosamax prescriptions have been written.

If you've been injured by Fosamax, you many be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact an experienced Fosamax injury lawyer to discuss your situation and evaluate the options available to you.

Find the Right Lawyer for Your Legal Issue!

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