Fosamax Class Action Lawsuits, Litigation & Lawyers – What You Should Know

Fosamax, Merck’s osteoporosis drug, has been linked to Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ), a degenerative condition of the jawbone. Fosamax, and other similar drugs called bisphosphonates, accumulate in bones, particularly in the jawbone, and inhibit the bone’s natural ability to repair everyday damage.

Several Fosamax lawsuits have already been filed, and many commentators are comparing the Fosamax scandal to the heavy litigation against the same manufacturer, Merck, for its product Vioxx. The lawsuits allege that Merck knew about the potential for ONJ and did not reveal the danger to the public.

One Fosamax lawsuit has been filed by a woman in Naples, Florida, who developed infections in teeth with root canals approximately 6 months after she began taking Fosamax for osteoporosis. The teeth had to be removed and replaced by implants, but osteonecrosis developed and the jawbone in the area became exposed. It’s not yet known whether the bone will recover or have to be removed and new bone grafted.

CNN reports that 15 Fosamax cases had been filed by May 2006, but others are expected. The attorney for one woman intends to seek a class action. His client suffered loss of bone in the jaw and some teeth after taking Fosamax for 9 years. Fosamax lawsuits have been filed in Florida, New York, and Tennessee.

Merck denies that Fosamax has been shown to cause ONJ, and argues that people with osteoporosis may just be more likely to develop the condition.

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