Do You Have A Fosamax Femur Lawsuit?

There have been recent case reports published in scientific journals which have made a compelling argument that there is an association of femur fractures after a long-term use of Fosamax, Merck & Company's osteoporosis drug. Fosamax injury attorneys say that women who have taken Fosamax and broken their femur can likely file a Fosamax femur injury lawsuit.

Overcoming hurdles

While one of the hurdles that Fosamax injury victims must face is proving whether or not Fosamax caused their injury. However, Fosamax injury lawyers say that there is generally enough scientific evidence available to overcome the defense, but it will depend upon how long an injured victim took the drug.

Fosamax holiday

Many woman who have taken Fosamax have done so for several years. However, more and more doctors are recommending what is called a “Fosamax holiday.” A number of different articles have been published recently which suggest that an individual who has osteoporosis or osteopenia isn’t really benefiting by Fosamax after about five years and that long-term use increases the patients risk of developing an injury.

When you take a “Fosamax holiday,” you continue to have bone density scans done to test the strength and thickness of your bones. Once a scan shows that you’re starting to lose bone again, then you get back on a treatment. While the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a holiday right now, the medical community has recognized Fosamax injuries linked to individuals who have been on the drug usually for long-term use over five years.

Fosamax femur lawsuit

Your femur bone is intended to go through different kinds of growth. It’s flexible. It’s bendable. It’s the strongest bone in the body. However, when the bone quits turning over, quits producing and is unable to regenerate new tissue, it becomes brittle.

Doctors have been noticing that long term Fosamax users have developed a spontaneous fracture of their femur, a very atypical kind of break. They say that kind of fracture doesn’t happen on a femur unless you’re in a major accident, like an auto accident.

So, to see somebody develop a fracture of the femur (or thighbone) simply from walking, stepping over a curb or taking a small fall which fractures your femur is just not normal – and this has led to Fosamax femur lawsuits being filed across the nation.