Effient Side Effects: Cancer Tumors and Adverse Bleeding

Triton-Timi 38 is the name of the study that put Effient on the map again a year after its much-publicized release – but this time in a bad way. The study, funded by Eli Lilly and Daiichi Sankyo, yielded new data that was not available at the time the research began: Effient produced a much higher risk of bleeding events over Plavix, the chief brand-name anti-platelet competitor on the market. Further, Effient was associated with higher and higher numbers of solid tumor incidences – with cancers of the colon, lung, and prostate being by far the most prevalent.

This isn’t to say that Plavix was a side effect-free drug. Its side effect profile carries an associated risk of solid-state tumors and bleeding events as well. Any anti-platelet drug will carry some adverse bleeding side effects – and because every human body is different, the more people that take a drug, the greater the variety of effects that can occur – some with tragic consequences. If you or a loved one has been injured by Effient, you may have legal remedies and be able to recover monetary damages. Seek an experienced Effient attorney today in order to exercise your legal rights to recovery.

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