Effient Warning: Effient Side Effects & Risks

Effient (scientific name “prasugrel”) is a set of chemicals that scientists often call a “prodrug.” This means that Effient does not do anything in the body – the body immediately metabolizes it and its metabolic byproducts themselves have pharmacologically active roles in thinning the blood. Effient was designed to be well-absorbed – its absorption profile is 80%. Only 20% of the drug goes to waste from poor water solubility or other stomach/intestinal degradation or elimination processes. Furthermore, that 80% is absorbed in only about 30 minutes – better than many common powerful medications like valium or adderall. Absorption means that the active portions of the drug (the therapeutically relevant amount) will be circulating in your body’s overall circulation system within about 30-45 minutes of popping the pill.

Effient, not just as a drug but as a particular medicine, was manufactured in a way to enable even those with “stable atherosclerosis” to process the drug safely and within an effective period of time. This essentially means that Effient tablets were structured for and designed to break down obstacles in the circulatory system and be processed within a useful period of time. Atherosclerosis, briefly, is the condition in which your arteries’ inner walls have fatty and fibrous deposits lodged in them. It is a form of arteriosclerosis (the general term for the same phenomenon anywhere in your systemic circulation). When poorly controlled or severe, atherosclerotic deposits in your arteries can drastically impair your arterial circulation, creating solid hard blocks (occlusions to blood flow) in random points. Somewhere within this science may rest the reason for the unusual bleeding events and the solid, hard tumors that plagued many former users of Effient.

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