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Effient Attorneys and Lawyers – How to Hire

If you or a loved one has been injured by Effient, manufactured by the American drug maker Eli Lilly, you may have legal remedies and be able to recover monetary damages, particularly for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. If you are considering legal action, consulting an experienced Effient attorney today is a very important step for protecting your legal rights and getting the damages you or your loved one deserves.

An Effient Lawyer Can File Your Claim Before the Deadline

Every state has a statute of limitations, a time limit for filing your claim. If you don’t file before the statute of limitations runs out, then you will lose your right to file forever, even if you have a strong and potentially successful claim. For this reason alone it is worth contacting an Effient attorney today to make sure that you can file a claim in time.

What Party is Liable?

Another important aspect of your Effient case is tracking the identity of the party responsible for your injuries. In drug cases, the possible responsible parties are often more than you would think. The most obvious in the case of Effient would be the drug’s manufacturer, Eli Lilly. There are some indications that Eli Lilly may have financed research before the drug hit the market that suggested a link between Effient and tumor growth. At the very least, the manufacturer could be liable for rushing the drug to the consumer market without the proper length of testing. These are possibilities that your Effient lawyer can take into consideration for you after further investigation into these preliminary reports and an examination of your own medical history.

Furthermore, the doctor who prescribed Effient to you may be liable, particularly if your injuries included sustained bleeding, or if your medical history includes pathological bleeding, mini-strokes or strokes, or coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Again, your Effient attorney can look into the medical history surrounding your claim and make a professional determination of the strength of your claim and the identity of the parties who may be at fault.

Finding an Effient Attorney

Going up against the wealthy and powerful pharmaceuticals industry can be an intimidating prospect. You need an attorney on your side whose experience matches that of the drug company’s lawyers. An experienced Effient attorney will know how to handle the procedural aspects of your case, as well as bring investigative and negotiation skills to the table, should either be necessary.

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