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Drug Litigation Lawyers: Big Pharmaceutical Companies Continually Put Sales Over Safety

Big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and others are continually accused of failing to do enough, or adequate, studies and for failing to warn consumers about the known increased risks of their products. Drug litigation attorneys say that consumers are the ultimate losers when safety takes a back seat to sales.

Clinical Studies & Drug Warnings Not Good For Business

A large part of why the same pharmaceutical companies are continually accused of the same tactics is that they're making most of the drugs on the market. However, the other part of it is that they have the wherewithal to promote these drugs for all sorts of conditions and the marketing ability to make millions of dollars off drugs such as Zocor, Paxil, Januvia, and many others.

Drug litigation attorneys, consumer advocate groups and consumers who have suffered from a drug injury or drug death typically say that drug companies will do whatever it takes to protect their bottom line, don't have patients' best interests at heart and are looking to profit as much as they can from their drugs by getting as many people as possible to take them. In fact, they say that clinical studies and drug warnings are simply not good for business:

Clinical Studies.There's also no FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) requirement to do additional studies once a drug is approved. The only reason for doing additional studies is to get another indication approved by the FDA. However, when they do that, they risk finding about another deadly side effect of their drug. If they do the studies and they find out that their drug actually kills people or causes a horrible birth injury or an injury like rhabdomyolysis, it hurts their sales - and that's what we're talking about here. Sales.

What's significant is that these companies have been sued before and know how to legally promote and market their drugs without doing the right clinical studies. However, they continue to make the same errors, either unreasonably or maliciously.

Drug Warnings.While it may be common sense that the more warnings that they put on these drugs, the less likely doctors are to prescribe them and the less money that they'll end up making. After all, these are public corporations that need to make money.

Drug Litigation Lawyers: Pharmaceutical Employees Hiding Behind Corporate Veil

Drug litigation lawyers familiar with drug injury litigation say that pharmaceutical employees often hide behind the company or corporate veil. They point to drug company sales reps who go out and promote the drug based on someone else's marching orders, so everyone can hide behind everyone else.

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