More Diabetic Patients Sue GlaxoSmithKline Over Avandia Heart Attack Injuries

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has faced hundreds of lawsuits over its diabetes drug, Avandia, over the past few years. Now, two more diabetic patients are suing the pharmaceutical giant after suffering a stroke and a heart attack which they claim are due to the drug. They, like so many others who have sued GSK, allege that the company knew about Avandia's risks, but did nothing to warn consumers until the U.S. Food & Drug Administration forced its hand.

More Avandia heart attack lawsuits filed

According to news reports, two new product liability suits have been filed - one by a Pennsylvania woman who suffered a stroke and another by an Illinois man who suffered a heart attack - both after taking GSK-s diabetes drug, Avandia. Their complaints allege that the company knew about the risks of Avandia long before the FDA required it to warn consumers of those risks in 2007. Both suffered their injuries prior to the FDA warning. In addition, the plaintiffs allege that GSK embarked on a mass-media campaign to promote the drug instead of warning patients and doctors of the drug's dangerous side effects. But that's not all that's spurring more Avandia heart attack lawsuits against GSK.

FDA reports GSK never reported studies

After an inspection of GSK's offices in North Carolina in mid to late 2007, the FDA reported that GSK failed to report information on nine separate studies relating to Avandia. That, in addition to claims that GSK aggressively marketed Avandia and failed to warn consumers about the serious side effects of the drug, is spurring more and more Avandia lawsuits against the company.

Have you taken Avandia?

GSK's Avandia is prescribed to those with type 2 diabetes - the most common form of diabetes that affects nearly 18 million Americans and 200 million people worldwide. Diabetes is a leading cause of coronary heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and limb amputation. Avandia came on the market ten years ago and a reported six million people had prescribed to it at one time. Although the drug was never recalled, both European regulators and the FDA required GSK to include stronger warnings on the drug's labeling two years ago. If you've taken Avandia and suffered an injury, contact an experienced products liability attorney whose practice specifically handles cases related to Avandia to discuss your situation and evaluate your options.