Accutane – New Study Reveals Increased Risks for Heart and Liver Problems

Accutane, is a synthetic form of vitamin A used to treat severe acne. Accutane, while an effective drug for the treatment of acne, has been linked to some serious potential side effects, including birth defects, suicide, depression, and psychiatric disorders.

Accutane has also been linked to higher levels of cholesterol, liver enzymes and blood fats called triglycerides. But a recent study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, found elevated levels in a higher percentage of patients than expected. While the drug insert indicates high triglyceride levels in 25% of the patients who had normal lab tests before taking the drug, the new study found elevated levels in 44% of healthy patients. Thirty-one percent of the patients in the study developed high cholesterol and 11% developed abnormal liver tests.

While the recent UCSF study reveals increased risks for Accutane patients, the risks do not appear to be serious enough to cause alarm. Dermatologists are expected to continue to closely monitor patients who take Accutane. Most lab results for patients who participated in the study returned to normal once the patients were off the medication.

Always talk to your doctor if you are at all concerned about any drug you are taking. More detailed information about earlier Accutane studies, warnings, lawsuits, and how to find an Accutane lawyer are provided in the articles listed below.