Zimmer Durom Cup Litigation: Determining Which Form Of Recovery Is Best For You

If you've been injured due to a Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement, it's important to look at all of the options you have available to you such as filing a Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit, settling with the company or mediating the matter. A Zimmer Durom Cup lawyer can help you determine what form of recovery is best for you.

Seeking Recovery For Your Zimmer Durom Cup Injury

Zimmer has voluntarily suspended sales of its Durom Cup to determine why failure rates are higher in the United States than those in Europe and Canada. However, so far, the manufacturer is taking the position that there's nothing wrong with its product – even though so many people have had to go through additional hip operations. So, what's the best way to seek recovery under these circumstances?

  • Filing a Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit. According to Zimmer Durom Cup attorneys, it's important to look at the extent of your injuries and whether you've had to have multiple procedures. It's also important to look at whether there's significant other economic damages, such as loss of earnings, whether there are unpaid medical bills that you have incurred and whether you are looking towards any future surgeries. Those all vitiate against a quick and easy settlement.
  • Settling. On the other hand, if you've had some minor complaints, had a simple surgery to fix it where your prosthesis was replaced, everything was paid for by health insurance and you are right as rain, then settling might be an option for you. That being said, it's critical to understand whether you can expect future problems, which is normal in these situations, as you don't want to settle for less than you're entitled to.
  • Mediating. Another thing you can do is hire an attorney to mediate the case for you and work out a blended arrangement. Generally speaking, you're going to garner more money through mediation, which is a quick and direct process, than you would by just signing on the dotted line and never going down that route. So, you've got to build that into what can you get at the end of the day – as well as the realization that the litigation may take a couple years.

Zimmer Durom Cup Litigation: You Have Options

Zimmer Durom Cup litigation is ongoing. If you've been injured, know that you do have options available to you. However, every situation is different, so the best advice is to talk with an experienced Zimmer Durom Cup attorney before you sign on the dotted line.