NexGen Knee Replacement: A Long, Painful & Complicated Process

Having a total knee replacement can be long, painful and complicated. It's certainly something you don't want to do again before it's time. Unfortunately, that's what many NexGen knee replacement patients have had to do, making their knee replacement process longer, more painful and even more complicated.

Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement

Having a Zimmer Nex Gen Knee replacement was supposed to be better, not worse, than having a standard knee replacement. However, for many patients, it is worse - and they find themselves having to undergo another knee replacement years before they were supposed to because the product failed.

Knee Replacements: Three May Be The Lifetime Limit

Generally, the way most people's bodies' function, two to three replacements of a joint is about all the most the body can withstand. So let's say you have somebody who may have had an accident or some kind of problem with their knee causing them to get a knee replacement at age 30-35. If they have a Zimmer product that fails within three to five years, that person is already two knee replacements in and their body likely can't take much more.

If that knee replacement works as expected, then by the age of around 50, they can probably have one more knee replacement. What's being seen, especially among the younger set, is a very, very bleak long-term outlook as they reach their elderly years with no ability to function on the knee.

Knee Replacement Recovery Time More Difficult For Some

Knee replacement recovery after surgery varies depending on the patient. However, it's clear that the knee replacement recovery process is more difficult for some than others. Knee surgery recovery itself is a long process; it's not a quick little saw-off job. The knee is being fully opened up, the femur bone has to be exposed, the tibial bone has to be exposed and the patella has to be exposed. It is a difficult healing process even under the best circumstances.

For the elderly, many of whom need knee replacements well over 50 or 60 years old, the knee replacement recovery is much harder. So both young and old face a very difficult road ahead, facing limitations as to how many replacements they can get.