Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Insulin Pumps: Overview, Claims & Injuries

MiniMed Paradigm insulin pumps are used by diabetics to receive insulin at the proper time. A recent defect discovered in the tubing in these devices caused the manufacturer, Medtronic, to recall approximately 60,000 tubes that may have had problems delivering the correct amount of insulin due to air pressure issues. Patients using tubes with this defect may have received too much or too little insulin, causing severe side effects and possibly even death, resulting in minimed paradigm insulin pump injuries and claims.

Defective Tubes Used With the MiniMed Paradigm Insulin Pump

MiniMed Paradigm insulin pumps, manufactured by American medical products company Medtronic, are widely used by diabetics to monitor and receive their insulin. The insulin pumps work in conjunction with an infusion set, a thin plastic tube that connects the insulin reservoir to the diabetic patient’s subcutaneous tissue.

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Unfortunately for diabetics, the effects of a tube malfunction can be severe. In June 2004, Medtronic recalled over 160,000 Paradigm insulin pumps due to a defect that caused the tube to become disconnected. This defect led to at least 200 reported diabetic patients being hospitalized after failing to receive their insulin, and one lawsuit was filed in Kentucky when a diabetic man lost consciousness while driving and fatally crashed his car.

Air Pressure Problem Found in Paradigm Insulin Pump Tubing

More recently, in June 2009, Medtronic discovered an air pressure problem in the tubing used for the Paradigm insulin pumps. This issue could result in the Paradigm device delivering too much or too little insulin, leading to serious injury or even death in diabetics using the Paradigm device. Shortly after, in July 2009, Medtronic announced the defect and voluntarily recalled approximately 60,000 tubes that could have been affected by the manufacturing problem. The defective tubes had reference numbers MMT-396, MMT-397, MMT-398, and MMT-399, and lot numbers beginning with the number 8.

Side effects for a diabetic patient receiving too much or too little insulin can be serious and potentially life-threatening. Common side effects include hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), fainting or unconsciousness, seizures, stroke, diabetic comas, heart attacks, and potentially death if the patient’s reaction is severe enough and he or she does not receive prompt treatment.

MiniMed Paradigm Insulin Pump Lawsuit

A lawsuit has recently been filed against Medtronic in federal court in the Southern District of Texas by six plaintiffs who claim to have suffered injuries from using the defective tubes recalled in 2009, and more lawsuits are expected to be filed in the coming months.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm from use of one of Medtronic’s defective insulin tubes, seek legal help immediately to protect your rights. While there is no fee or obligation, delaying may cause you to lose your right to seek compensation for injuries caused by MiniMed Paradigm insulin pumps due to state-imposed time limits for filing a lawsuit.

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Suffered harm from a Defective Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump? You may have a lawsuit. Click here, for a top rated law firm to evaluate your legal rights. [Sponsored link]