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Illinois Family Awarded $9.5 Million In Birth Injury Lawsuit After Son Born With Cerebral Palsy

An Algonquin family whose son was born with cerebral palsy was awarded $9.5 million in an Illinois birth injury lawsuit which alleged that hospital staff waited too long to call the expecting mother's doctor – and the delay was the direct cause of the child's birth injuries.

Illinois medical malpractice

This Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit concerns an issue that is far too common – hospital and healthcare staff who wait too long to do the right thing and end up causing severe birth trauma and permanent injuries to children who would have otherwise been born healthy.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Helen O'Came was ready to give birth to her son Patrick and was admitted to Sherman Hospital. Complications arose and she requested that hospital staff contact her doctor. However, a nurse midwife assigned to her waited too long to call the doctor and Patrick – who would have been born healthy – was born with cerebral palsy, a condition which results in a loss of movement or other nerve function which does not improve over time. The family sued the hospital, the midwife and her employer and settled the lawsuit for $9.5 million – most of which will go towards Patrick's medical needs for the rest of his life.

Birth injury lawsuits are unique

Birth injury lawyers say the birth injury lawsuits, where a child has been profoundly injured or died due to medical negligence, are extremely difficult emotionally and financially, are unique and that birth injury damages can be substantial. Here are some examples of recent birth injury verdicts and settlements:

  • $38.5M Medical Negligence Lawsuit.A Stamford Connecticut family was awarded $38.5 million after a jury found that their obstetrician was negligent in not performing a Caesarean section quickly enough to avoid injury. The child was born with cerebral palsy.
  • $18.2M Birth Injury Lawsuit. A Wisconsin mother's daughter suffered severe and permanent brain injuries after receiving horrific care from a Milwaukee hospital and was awarded $18.2 million.

Do you have a birth injury lawsuit?

If your child has suffered a birth injury such as cerebral palsy, a swollen scalp, bleeding between the skull and scalp, face and head bruises, broken blood vessels in the eyes and facial paralysis, contact an experienced birth injury lawyer to discuss your situation, determine your legal options and assess the damages for you might be entitled. However, it's important to contact a birth injury attorney as soon as possible as each state has its own statute of limitations – or time limit – in which a lawsuit must be filed.

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