Asbestos Injuries Still a Major Risk for Many Americans – Especially At Christmas

If you thought asbestos injuries were a thing of the past, think again. Asbestos injuries continue to be a major risk – especially during the holiday season when people go into their attics and exposed wall closets to retrieve their holiday decorations and kick up asbestos dust in the process.

Zonolite Injuries

It is estimated that the walls and attics of as many as 35 million homes and businesses in the United States still contain an asbestos product known as Zonolite and that Zonolite injuries continue – even 20 plus years after asbestos stopped being used.

Zonolite, which contains lethal asbestos-tainted vermiculite, has been attributed to at least 400 deaths in the Montana town in which it was mined. Authorities say that the product was shipped all over the United States to be used as home insulation in walls and attics, faux ambers for gas fireplaces, pool linings and many others. They estimate that over 10 million homes still contain this form of asbestos and that people continue to develop asbestosis and mesothelioma from exposure.

Asbestos Exposure Often Unknown

Although insulation may be in the attic and walls, asbestos injury attorneys say that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that even though attics and walls may be sealed off, asbestos-contaminated vermiculite dust has been found seeping through wall switches, ceiling-light fixtures, fans and sometimes through the dried-out joint tape in ceilings and walls.

However, it's during the holiday season that homeowners can be exposed to asbestos the most as millions of us tromp up to our attics to retrieve decorations that may be covered with lethal chemicals which are then in our air systems for a month.

Do You Have an Asbestos Lawsuit?

Asbestos injury lawyers say that manufacturers certainly knew about the dangers of asbestos years and years before they stopped selling it and that consumers are now paying the price. If you've been injured due to any sort of asbestos exposure, contact an experienced asbestos injury attorney to discuss your situation and determine if you or your family might be entitled to compensation by filing an asbestos lawsuit.